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No. 138/740/ADM/DEj17(PENSION)

Government of I ndia, Ministry of Defence

Dte. General Defence Estates
Raksha Sampada Shawan, Ulaanbaatar Marg

Delhi Cantt.-l10010 .

Dated l6th May, 2017 .


The Principal Director, Defence Estates, Ministry of Defence,

Central/Sou thern/Western/N orthern /Eastern/Sou th -Western Co mmand, Lucknow /Pune/Chandigarh/}ammu/I





Reference Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare OMs F.No. 38/37/2016-P&PW (ii)dated 4th August, 2016 and 38/37/2016-P&PW (A) dated 12 th May, 2017 on the above referred subject   

2. Vide Para 18 of above referred OM dated 12th May, 2017, it is stated that "It shall be the responsibility of the Head of Department and Pay and Accounts Office attached to that office from which the Government servant had retired or was working last before his death to revise the pension/ family pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners with effect from 01.01.2016 in accordance with these orders and to issue a revised pension payment authority. The Pension Sanctioning Authority would impress upon the concerned Head of Office for fixation of pay on notional basis at the earliest and issue revised Authority at the earliest. The revised Authority will be issued under the existing PPO no and would travel to the Pension Disbursing Authority through the same channel through which the original PPO has travelled".

3. Therefore, it is essential for the Directorates and all offices under their jurisdiction and NIDEM, Delhi Cantt. to immediately take necessary action to revise the pension/ family pension of pre-

2016 pensioners/ family pensioners as per the provisions of these OMs as well as any other related instructions that the Government of India will be issuing from time to time.

4. Let this work be taken up immediately, either with existing staff, or where required by forming special cells and by taking staff on contract even, that all pensioners/ family pensioners are paid the revised pensions at the earliest. Inputs may be given to this Directorate General at monthly intervals about the progress of this work in the various offices.

5. DGDE has approved.
                                                                                                                                         (P Daniel) 
Add!. DG (Admin & Vig)

Defence Estates

Copy to:-

Director (NIDEM)
DGDE (Rajbhasha Anubhag)

DMS/~AU&RC/GUard/ Float file

Fitment Table for the implementation of 7th CPC Modified recommendations

Extension of 7th CPC benefits and grant of Dearness relief to Pensioners of Autonomous (Statutory) Bodies under department of commerce Reference: OM F-20016/04/2016. E.III Department of Commerce E Section Dtd 23/25 May 2017

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Non applicability of 7th CPC benefits to Pensioners of PSUs under Mnistry of Commerce & Industry

Applicability of 7th CPC benefits to CSIR (PSU) Pensioners

Implementation of Revision of Pension of Pre- 1.1.2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioners in pursuance to DP&PW OM 38/37/2016-P&PW (A) dated 12th May 2017 and Ministry Of Finance (Deptt.Of Expenditure) OM No.1(13)/EV/2017 dated 23rd May, 2017.

NEW DELHI – 110066
CPAO/IT&Tech/Revision (7th CPC)/19.Vol-III/2016-17/37
Office Memorandum
Implementation of Revision of Pension of Pre- 1.1.2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioners in pursuance to DP&PW OM 38/37/2016-P&PW (A) dated 12th May 2017 and Ministry Of Finance (Deptt.Of Expenditure) OM No.1(13)/EV/2017 dated 23rd May, 2017.

1. Reference is invited to DP&PW OM No.38/37/2016-P&PW(A) dated 12-05-2017 regarding revision of pension of Pre-2016 retirees under 7th CPC. As per Para 4 of this OM, it has been decided that the revised pension/family pension w.e.f. 01.01.2016 in respect of all Central Civil Pensioners/Family Pensioners, including CAPF’s who retired/died prior to 01.01.2016, may be revised by notionally fixing their pay in the pay matrix recommended by the 7th CPC in the level corresponding to the pay in the pay scale/pay band and grade pay at which they retired/died. This will be done by notional pay fixation under each intervening Pay Commission based on the Formula for revision of pay. While fixing pay on notional basis, the pay fixation formula e approved by the Government and other relevant instructions on the subject in force at the relevant time shall be strictly followed. 50% of the notional pay as on 01.01.2016 shall be the revised pension and 30% of this notional pay shall be the revised family pension w.e.f. 1.1.2016 as per the first Formulation. In the case of family pensioners who were entitled to family pension at enhanced rate, the revised family pension shall be 50% of the notional pay as on 01.01.2016 and shall be payable till the period up to which family pension at enhanced rate is admissible as per rules.
2. As per Para 18 of this OM, the Pension Sanctioning Authority would impress upon the concerned Head of Office [HOO) for fixation of pay on notional basis and issue revised authority at the earliest. The revised authority will be issued under the existing PPO number and would travel to the Pension Disbursing Authority through the same channel through which the original PPO had travelled.
3. Reference is also invited to Ministry of Finance (Deptt. of Expenditure) OM No.1(13)/EV /2017 dated 23-May,2017 mentioning procedural points of action to be taken by concerned agencies including Pension Accounting Authorities & PAOs.
4. To facilitate early revision of pension and monitoring timely progress in this regard as required by aforesaid OM, course of actions are brought out below:
i.List of all the live cases available in CPAO along with details of last pay [wherever available] due for pension revision under 7th CPC will be provided to the Pay and Account 0fficers (PAOsJ in their logins under CPAO website by 31st May, 2017 to provide the details to concerned Head of Offices within 3 days and coordinate with them for getting the revised pension cases at the earliest. PAOs/HOOs may also check their records to verify actual number ofcases.
ii.In the meanwhile, since all the service records/details of the pensioners are available with the respective HOOs from where they retired/died, HOOs are required to check their records and start revising the pension in terms of Para 4 of the aforementioned OM of the DP&PW forrhwith. Pr. CCAs/CCAs /CAs/AGs/Administrators of UTs may monitor number of such cases received at PAOs and submit a report to CPAO by 31st May,2017.
iii. For the expeditious revisions of these pension cases, CPAO has developed an e-revision utility which has facility of sending online revision authorities from PAOs to CPAO under the digital signatures of PAOs. PAOs are required to revise pension cases through e-revision utility. Since under this utility, revision authorities would be sent under the digital signatures, pension processing PAOs are urgently required to arrange digital signatures and their registration on PFMs, if not done so far. In unavoidable circumstances to avoid delay, PAOs may process the pension cases manually as hitherto and send the paper based revision authorities to CPAO in the format given at Annexure.
iv. The list as mentioned at (i) above will also be provided under the logins/dashboard of chief controller of accounts and joint secretary (Admn)/Adma in charge of the Ministries/Departments on CPAO website. Joint Secretary (Admn)/Admn in charge may also distribute the list of pension cases to the HOOs falling under their administrative control and monitor the progress of Pension revisions at HOOs level. similarly, Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CAs/AGs/Administrators of UTs may keep a watch on the progress of the revision of cases received from HOOs to PAOs.
v. To facilitate effective monitoring of progress of revision at each level i.e. CCA/JS(Admn)/PAO, relevant progress reports would be available on CPAO website under logins/dashboards of respective authorities. On the basis of these reports, periodical review meetings may be held at the Ministry/Deptt./Organization level.
vi. In those cases, where 2.57 multiplication method of pension fixation is beneficial under DP&PW OM No.38/37/2016-P&PW (A) (ii) dated 4/08/2016, revised pension authority under 2.57 multiplication methods will also require to be issued by HOOs/PAOs for updation of records at CPAO & Banks as well as for information of pensioners by CPAO. However, HOOs/PAOs while revising the pension may prioritize the cases which are beneficial to the pensioners under pay fixation method. To cover large number of cases, in less time Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CAs/AGs/Administrators of UTs & JS(Admn) of Ministries/Deptts./Organization may identify the cases where revisions may be effected easily without involving multiple steps e.g.revisions of pension of those pensioners who retired/died during the period from 1.1.2006 to 31.12.2015 and whose pension is already fixed under 6th CPC.
vii. Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CAs/AGs/Administrators of UTs may nominate a Nodal Person/Key Resource Person (KRP) to coordinate with CPAO regarding any issues related with pension revisions and use of e-Revision utility. In case of any difficulty in the use of e-Revision utility Sh.Davinder Kumar, Technical Director, NIC, CPAO may be contacted on Telephone No.011-26715338 and If required, officials of Ministries/Departments/PAOs may also visit CPAO on every Wednesday to resolve their issues related with pension revisions.
In view of the above, Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CAs/AGs/Administrators of UTs are requested to follow the above guidelines and issue necessary instructions to their PAOs for early revision of Pre-2016 pension cases under 7th CPC. They are further requested to Coordinate with their JS(Admn)/Admn in charge/HODs for timely submission of revised pension cases by the HOOs to PAOs and monitor the progress in this regard.
This issues with the approval of controller General of Accounts.
(Subhash Chandra)
Controller of Accounts

ECHS Order: Empanelled Hospital Claims- Ophthalmic procedures

Empanelled Hospital Claims- Ophthalmic procedures

Central Organisation,ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated Headquarters
Ministry Of Defence(army)
Maude Lines
Delhi Cantt – 110010

18th May 2017

15533/1, Above Farico Show Room
1st Floor, Old Madras Road
Halasuru, Bangalore,
Karnataka – 560008

1. It has been noted with concern while scrutinizing claims of an Eye Centre that ECHS had been billed more than the hospital rates. It was also observed that for ocular investigations the hospital was billing ECHS at twice the CGHS rates (stating that the CGHS rates are for one eye). It has been clarified the CGHS rates for Ophthalmology investigations are for both eyes unless specified”.

2. As per provisions of MoA and para 4(b)(x) of Gol MoD letter NO.24(8)/03/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 19 Dec 2003, the hospital cannot bill ECHS more than the hospital rates. It should be ensured by Regional Centre’s that the rate list of the hospital is taken whenever MoA is being renewed. The rate list attached with MoA should not have a rate more than CGHS rate/Hospital rate. wherever the hospital rate is below CGHS rate it should be reflected with an asterisk (*) on the rate list attached with MoA.

3. BPA to check the claims of such hospital (including settled claims) which have not been processed correctly and the excess amount paid post implementation of CGHS 2014 rates if any would be recoered from the pending claims of the hospitals.

4. The RCs are directed to ensure no additional charges/extra charges than CGHS/ECHS or actuals whichever is less to be paid to the hospital. It is also requested RCs to accordingly review the pending claims (i.e not settled claims) of the hospitals not restricted to ophthalmic claims and those with observations be returned to BPA for correct processing.
. Please ack.

(IVS Gahlot)
Dir (Med)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Deptt of Post: Revision of pension of Pre- 2016 pensioners/family pensioners - Govt's decision on 7th CPC Recommendations

No. 4-3/2017-Pension
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Pension Section)
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi - 110 001
23rd May, 2017


All Head(s) of Circles
All Directors/Dy. Directors of Accounts (P)
APS Headquarter
Head of PLI and BD Directorate
Director, Postal Staff College, Ghaziabad
All Directors of Postal Training Centres

Sub: Implementation of Government’s decision on the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission- Revision of pension of pre- 2016 pensioners/family pensioners etc-reg.


I am directed to say that based on the decisions of the Government, Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare has issued O.Ivl. No. 38/37/2016-P&PW(A) dated 12.05.2017 for fixation of pension/family pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners to the higher of the two formulations. A copy of the OM. is circulated herewith for information and necessary action.

2. The pension/family pension of all pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners shall be revised in line with instructions contained in the DoP&PW OM. dated 12.05.2017. The higher of the two formulation i.e. (i) the pension/family pension already revised in accordance with DoP&PW O.M. dated 4.8.2016 or (ii) the revised pension/family pension as worked out in accordance with para 4 of the DoP&PW OM. dated 12.5.2017, shall be treated as revised pension/family pension w.e.f 1.1.2016. It shall be the responsibilities of the Head of Department and concerned Director of Accounts (Postal) to revise the pension/family pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners w.e.f 1.1.2016 in accordance with these orders and to issue a revised pension payment authority.

3. As envisaged in the DoP&PW O.M., the Pension sanctioning Authority (PSA) would impress upon the concerned Head of Office for fixation of pay on notional basis at the earliest. The information can be obtained in Proforma A. Based on notional pay so fixed, the revision proposal will be sent by Pension Sanctioning Authority to concerned DA (P) to apply necessary checks and issue revised authority under the existing PPO number. To facilitate fixation of notional pay, DA (P) will provide copy of PPO/pension papers to concerned PSA immediately on requisition. All PSAs will maintain records of processing cases of retirees year-wise in Proforma 8. DA (P) will maintain data of proposal received and authority issued in software as has been done in case of 6th CPC revision of PPOs.

4. Since there will be large number of cases for revision, concerted efforts of all authorities will be required to accomplish the task. It is requested to take immediate action for revision of pension/family pension at the earliest.

This issues with approval of Secretary (Posts).

Encl: As above
(Smriti Sharan)/
Dv. Director General (Estt.)

Reimbursement of Medical Claims to Pensioners under CS(MA) Rules 1944 as directed by various CATs and Courts

Reimbursement of Medical Claims to Pensioners under CS(MA) Rules 1944 as directed by various CATs and Courts

No. 5.14025/23/2013-MS.EHSS
Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Department of Health and Family Welfare
Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi
Dated the 29 September, 2016


Sub:-Reimbursement of medical claims to pensioners under CS (MA) Rules, 1944 as directed by various CATS/Courts - Regarding.

The undersigned is directed to state that various references are being received in Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on the above mentioned subject. it is hereby clarified that CS (MA) Rules, 1944 are not applicable to pensioners till date.

2. It is further informed that the following options to avail medical facilities are available to Central Government pensioners:

a) Pensioners residing in CGHS covered areas:
1) They can get themselves registered in CGHS dispensary after making requisite contribution and can avail both OPD and IPD facilities.

2). Pensioners residing in CGHS areas cannot optout cf CGHS and avail anyother medical facility {i.e. Fixed Medical Allowance). Such pensioners, if they do not choose to avail CGHS facility by depositing the required contributions, cannot be granted Fixed Medical allowance in lieu of CGHS.

b) Pensioners residing in non -CGHS areas:

1). They can avail Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) @ Rs.500/- per month

2) They can also avail benefits of CGHS- [OPD and IPD] by registering themselves in the nearest CGHS “city after“ making the required subscription.

3) They also have the option to avail FMA, for OPD treatment and CG HS for IPD treatments after making the required subscriptions as per CGHS guidelines.

3. In view. of the above, reimbursement of medical claims to pensioners under CS (MA) Rules, 1944 as directed by various CATS/Courts, need not be referred to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The respective Administrative Department/Ministry may take their own decision in this regard.

4. further, all Departments/Ministries are requested to intimate their employees proceeding for retirement regarding the above options for medical facilities available to the Central Government pensioners.

5. This issues with the approval of competent authority.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Uniform age across sectors for 'senior citizen' tag

NEW DELHI: The Centre unveiled its plan in the Supreme Court on Wednesday to replace a nearly two-decade old `national policy on older persons' with new norms that will keep the age uniform across sectors for persons to be counted as senior citizens to avail benefits under the government's social welfare schemes.

At present, the insurance sector recognises persons over 65 years as senior citizens, the railways offers con cessional tickets to men above 60 years and women over 58 years, income tax exemptions apply differently to persons over 60 years and 80 years, and old age pension is given at the rate of Rs 200 per month to those over 60 years and Rs 500 to those above 80 years.

Responding to a petition by former law minister Ashwani Kumar for all-round ameliorative measures for senior citi zens, additional solicitor general Pinky Anand informed a bench of Justice Madan B Lokur and Justice Abdul Nazeer that "as per departmental action plan on recommendations of group of secretaries, uniform adoption of age criteria for benefits to senior citizens (airlines, state governments, insurance companies, etc) is under consideration".

"The ministry of social justice and empowerment is in the process of suitably revising the National Policy on Older Persons, 1999, keeping in view the changing demographic pattern, socio-economic needs of senior citizens, social value system and advancement in the field of science and technology over the last decade and bringing out a National Policy for Senior Citizens," Anand said.

Importantly , the Centre said it was working on a mechanism to regulate home care services for elderly being offered by various private firms."Rating of organizations providing home care services is under consideration, as is the creation of regulatory mechanism to prescribe standards for establishing and providing quality services for senior ci tizens. The rating of facilities provided by home care services to senior citizens would enable them to make informed choices," she said.

Kumar alleged that successive governments have been planning and formulating schemes but nothing has reached the needy , who in the sunset years were leading a life in abject neglect and suffering."There are not even enough old age homes in the states," he said. The bench sought a status report on number of old age homes in states from the Centre and states.

The Centre said it was giving pension to over 55.5 lakh retired central government employees to help them lead a life with dignity . It said retired defence personnel constituted the bulk of them at 25 lakh, number of retired railways pensioners stood at 14.34 lakh, while retired civil pensioners were over 10.18 lakh.

Amicus curiae, NGO "Helpage India", requested the court to direct the Centre to increase the monthly old age pension from Rs 200 to Rs 2,000 as the present pension mocked the dignity of senior citizens. It said the increase could cost the government Rs 91,776 crore annually.

"There needs to be at least one old age home in each of the 707 districts to be able to house 1,06,050 older indigent persons. But, according to a WHO study , there will be 3,53,500 older indigent persons requiring high-level care and this will require at least four old age homes per district," it said.

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